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How to host a successful video conference

Posted on March 16th 2020

By Stan Shaw, Founder, CTS

Rapidly changing health-related events these days are having a major impact on the way we work and meet. We are navigating into a new world. In many cases, video conferences have now become the preferred method over face to face meetings.

But hosting an engaging, productive video conference can be challenging.

If there is a technical glitch, the result can be a frustrating and stressful experience for everyone, and problems tend to multiply when more than two or three people are involved. And then there can be unanticipated problems concerning the human side of meetings. How many times have you been on a conference call in a large meeting when the chair person forgot to include the remote callers that were on the line? And are you sure they are still on-line for that important decision? Are they paying attention, or did they drop off, or tune out?

Here are some suggestions that can help.

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Etiquette and Technics to Hold a Successful Meeting via Video Conference