Corban Technology Solutions Journal

A New Series on Clinic Security Best Practices

Posted on October 16th 2018

By Stan Shaw, Founder, CTS

It has been a busy year since our last series of journal posts on clinic security. Thanks to work we have been doing with our healthcare clients in BC, we would like to update you on new developments and emerging best practice standards. Here is a list of some of our upcoming posts:

  • Breach Notification – Is it mandatory? When should you do it? Who should you notify, and what should you say?
  • Mobile Devices – How can I make sure my smartphone is protecting my patient’s health information?
  • Self-managed staff training – what can you do to create the ‘human side’ culture in your clinic that safeguards personal information? And what resources are available to help you?
  • Clinic security guidelines – recently published for BC medical clinics, that you can use right away
  • Privacy and Security – are they the same?
  • Timely topics – are there issues that you are concerned about? We are constantly reviewing issues from a clinician’s perspective, and will include ones here that may help to both alert you, and provide inexpensive, and fast ways of better protecting your sensitive data.

We are looking forward to sharing these, and other topics with you. Let us know what might be of particular interest to you. We will make sure they are given a high priority.

In the meantime, check out our other blogs on clinic security Best Practices.

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