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Posted on November 9th 2016

By Stan Shaw, Founder, CTS

CTS has been providing professional IT project and change management services to British Columbians for over ten years. We are excited, however, to launch our new website today, in the midst of announcing a comprehensive new range of privacy and data security services specifically designed to support the health care community in western Canada.

We are committed towards providing timely and helpful information for you through this journal.

Why is this important?

Because many clinicians, dentists and health care professionals have massively changed the manner in which they are handling patient information. Paper health care charts in physician offices are in many cases completely replaced by electronic medical records. Dental images are now digitized. Lab reports are flowing into sophisticated EMR systems. Billing is linked directly to patient records. Scheduling is increasingly on-line through patient portals. Teams of clinical practitioners are beginning to share electronic medical records in order to efficiently refer patients and provide coverage. Electronic medical records can transform clinical practice in even the smallest clinics.

All of this has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of health care delivery. But how can a physician or dentist in their clinics keep pace with the technology impact on privacy? Or, when faced with increasingly sophisticated cyber security attacks, maintain business continuity? And if patient or client confidential records are ever compromised, would you know what to do?

Here are some topics that we are writing with this in mind:

We hope the practical information and tips we will be sharing through these posts will assist you in safeguarding personal information and protecting your clinic.