Business Technology

It's no secret that cloud based technologies are here to stay. And CTS has been using these products, built on Microsoft Office 365, and Google G Suite for years. We have integrated these products into into our own business, using state-of-the-art, cloud-based CRMs, business accounting systems, time management and project management tools.

But how can you use these products and be confident that your data is safe, your client's privacy is protected, and you are compliant with applicable legislation?

That is where we can help. For a surprisingly small investment, we can help small businesses and startups with scalable solutions that can easily expand as your business grows, while minimizing operational costs associated with traditional servers and desktop applications. And most importantly, you will be safeguarding your Canadian small business with enterprise-level security, and building in "privacy by design" standards that are compliant with provincial, federal, and for some clients in Canada, international privacy laws.

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