Healthcare Technology in Education

BC Medical School Expansion

I had the honor of working directly with Stan on the planning and implementation of the B.C. Medical School Expansion. The Expansion was to enable the cost-effective education of medical students in Victoria and Prince George – locations distant from Vancouver. This project was only made possible through the intensive use of technology. As Chief Technology Officer, I had overall responsibility for the project, but Stan played a crucial role in strategy, planning, and operations. This was even more remarkable given his continuing responsibilities for other (non-project related) information technology needs for the Faculty of Medicine.

I found that Stan is able to engage in broad discussions of strategy and applications of emerging technologies. On the other hand, he is also able to plan and implement detailed processes to address operational issues such as procedures to recover from potential failures of technology. Stan is a tireless worker… he is also unfailingly pleasant and positive…. he will be an asset to any organization seeking to use technology in creative ways.

Jim S.C. Tom, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology / CIO

University of Missouri – St. Louis