Physician Engagement and Organizational Support

Stan has been an enormous help in assisting OSCAR EMR to coordinate the many disparate physicians, clinicians and service providers in British Columbia. I have been particularly impressed with his ability to create an electronic library, Rolodex and a roadmap of our project which has helped tremendously in terms of understanding what we have accomplished and where we need to put energies. This is one of Stan’s project management strengths.

Another, more intangible strength, has been his ability to listen to a variety of different opinions and help individuals and groups of individuals come to a broader consensus of the way forward. This has not been an easy task and has required diplomacy, advocacy, education [of both individuals and groups] and flexibility. He was able to accomplish this without losing sight of the overall vision and the end goal for the project. While Stan does bring a scientific background to his work, along with an outstanding technical proficiency, it is his ability to communicate and see a variety of points of view that has led to his success.

While we had a broad understanding of our goals for this project, Stan was able to help us understand what was possible, desirable and achievable in the particular context of British Columbia. The success of our project has been, I can say without reservation, in large part due to Stan’s skills.

Again, I would be happy to elaborate further on my comments, either via a phone call or in writing and am happy to expand on my comments more specifically as needed. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

David Price, MD, CCFP

Chair and Associate Professor

Department of Family Medicine

Faculty of Health Services, McMaster University

Chief, Department of Family Medicine

Hamilton Health Services