Project Management Workshops

We frequently conduct professional workshops and seminars. Here are comments from two recent workshops in which Stan Shaw demonstrated the use of collaboration technology at the Society of PM Professionals of Greater Vancouver:

“I appreciate Stan’s effort & willingness in bringing forward a new kind of workshop”

“Clearly a very well prepared and planned workshop”

“This was a great workshop – it not only was interactive, it got us to work as a team!”

“Interactive & engaging, a job well done”

“Great way to get exposure to different tools, and have a quick snapshot of the good & bad without spending a lot of time analyzing”

“Very informative and useful”

“Great intro to PM collaborative tools and techniques”

“Fun interaction, enjoyed the game, good criteria developed”

“Previously Stan gave us an overview of the tools available, this one showed two in depth, very important”

“Not just the possible collaborative tools presented but how people react and the interaction of it”